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To build the content platform of the future

How do we work

We are a remote-first company, but we also have a headquarter in the central part of Berlin, Germany, and a small office setup in Marburg, Germany. People can choose if and when they want to work in the office, at home, or remotely from another location.

We are a mixed group with parents and young families, working students, and classic entrepreneurs - all driven by the vision to make a great product and deliver the best solution to our customers.

We are growing with plenty of room to take on responsibility and make a big impact. If you love software products and seeing businesses grow, apply now!

Our mission

Hygraph's mission is to create the leading GraphQL federated content platform through empowered teams. Over 50k developers and businesses around the world have embraced our approach. We are tackling problems in the exploding GraphQL API community and leading the way in modern CMS concepts.

Working at Hygraph is all about...

Trust and Collaboration

We collaborate through trust, respect, and empathy. We are friendly and like to share ideas about work and our hobbies. It is also important for us to have fun, a healthy work-life balance, and adaptability in work.

Having Ownership and being Accountable

We are goal driven and believe in delivering results. We are accountable for our deliverables, and take ownership of our responsibilities while working flexibly. We put our company and the team's goals at the forefront.

Being Customer-Focussed

We strive to provide quality customer support and develop features that are optimal solutions for our users, based on the given timeline, client feedback, current market needs, and available resources.


As we are a growing, distributed, and remote first team, transparency, and integrity are crucial for us. We make our projects, work, processes, and systems available to everyone who needs them, and this leads to inclusion and equity.

Continuous Learning and Growth

We provide feedback to each other on a regular basis and take time out of our schedules to take training and attend conferences. We are curious by nature and believe in learning by doing. No idea is a bad idea.

Being Action-First

We take risks and experiment with our ideas to make things happen. We try to find a balance between planning ahead, taking risks, and executing.


Workstation Support

You receive a one-time budget of 500 Euros to set up your home office. E.g. Mouse, Keyboard, Ergonomic chair, etc.

This is additional to the company laptop and monitor you receive specific to your role.

30 days vacation

Additional house moving and bereavement day-offs.

1000 Euros Learning and Development Budget

This amount is available yearly. You can use it for training, workshop, reading materials specific to your role.

Team offsites/Meetups

We are distributed globally and located in different countries. We have team offsites at least once a year either in Berlin/Marburg or maybe somewhere close to where our team lives mostly.

Remote Friendly

We hire from all locations and most of our roles are remote. You can work from anywhere you want and we set up your contract through Employer of Records.

As we have an office set up in Germany, people hired in Germany will receive a german contract.


Access to (All-in-one mental health support for employees through slack and therapy sessions)


We are a Germany-based company and our headquarter is in Dircksenstraße 47, 10178 Berlin, Germany. We are also a remote-first company and have a distributed remote team and our teammates work from 17 countries around the world!

Life at Hygraph

Job Openings


3 jobs

How we hire

1. Getting to know you

In the first call, let our Recruiting Manager learn about you and your story to check a potential fit with Hygraph. This is also a chance for you to ask first questions about the role and company.

2. Manager’s interview

In this meeting, the hiring manager(s) take a deeper dive into your experience and what you could bring to the team. Please expect questions about the know-how of your role, technology, and also your understanding of our Product. Please ask questions and goals specific to your role.

3. Show us your skills

We want to see your practical insight by giving you a task/case study related to what you would do in the position. This could be a case study presentation, an excel test, or a coding assignment. This step is optional and depends on the role that you have applied for and could be before the interview too.

4. Final chat

You made it to the very last stage! Here we give you an opportunity to meet some of your team members during an informal talk. You can also ask any company and culture-related questions to them. Simultaneously there will be a reference check and then the offer, right after that.

Can’t find a job position you’re looking for?

Please go to our Talent section and apply and we will contact you when we find something suitable for you.

Hygraph is an equal-opportunity employer committed to hiring people with diverse backgrounds. We believe that diversity, unique experiences, qualities, and different cultures enrich our workspace's productivity and promote innovation and creativity.